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How to reduce the size of your app to fit on a floppy disk

I realize app size is not as critical as it once was with 5g internet speeds even on cellular connections and Apple loosening their restrictions for downloading apps when not on wifi, you may wonder why bother reducing our app size at all?

Because we can! I remember the time when Blender a full-featured 3d editing program that rivals the industry standard Maya had at one time been able to fit on a couple of floppy disks. This was a point of pride for them that they had keeped the code in check and were careful to add external dependencies that would inevitably cause bloat and an increased install size.

App-Clips were another motivation, with my original intent to get my application Dented Nails under 10mb. Then I wondered why my app which is almost 100% code should be over 10mb at all, I started to dig into where the extra space was coming from.

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