Princess Piano Gameplay Footage

Princess Piano Gameplay Footage

Jul 28

Demonstrated are two different songs, as well as the unlocking of items in the dressing room, and more…

Sorry for the poor video quality, trust me the game looks much better in person!


  1. Barbara

    App does not have any sound on my iPad 2. Please can u fix or tell me why it has no sound. I downloaded it this morning. When it didn’t have any sound, I turned my ipad2 completely off, and went shopping. When I came back home and tried it again, i still does not have any sound. I heard what it is suppose to sound like via U-Tube.

    Still no sound.

    Please help

    Sincerely ,


    • Hi Barbara,
      I am terribly sorry about that, this must be a bug specific to the iPad 2. I had tried the iPad 1 without any issues. I will look into this and get back to you shortly.

      I am sure you have checked this but are you getting sound in other Apps? I just want to make sure the sound is turned all the way up.


  2. Hi Barbara,
    I was able to recreate your problem on the iPad 2, it looks to be a bug with the iPad itself (in all of the apps the sound didn’t work). To fix this just go to your settings and in the general settings area, set the “User Lock Switch To:” to Mute.

    I hope this fixes your issue.


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