UnityBuzz.com – Track your Assets

UnityBuzz.com – Track your Assets

Dec 10

Dented Pixel loves the Unity Game Engine and their Asset Store so much it made a site just to help other developers track their sales and more.

UnityBuzz.com is a site that allows developers to track how well their Assets are doing on the Unity Asset Store.

Either view your companies total performance:

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.png


View more details on an individual asset:

Screen Shot 2.png

Even track the daily performance of the Unity Asset Store as a whole, including:

  • Top Assets: Assets with the greatest popularity
  • Top Companies: Companies with the greatest popularity
  • Rising Stars: Assets gaining the most traction
  • Fading Glory: Assets that have dropped the most in popularity
  • Rating Bursts: Assets with the largest daily reviews
  • New Assets Rising: New Assets whose popularity is taking off

UnityBuzz is still evolving so be sure to mention any features you would like added!


  1. Selim

    This is a great tool! Thanks for providing this service. I am a little bit surprised that there is not more “noise” about this tool. Thanks again!

    • Thanks! I know, I thought it might be more widely used than it is. I think I just need help getting the word out, so tell your dev friends 🙂

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