Company Info

Company Info

May 30

Dented Pixel is a one-person interactive company formed by developer and artist Russell Savage.





  1. Christine

    I like the idea of this game (princess piano) & would be inclined to recommend it to some young students, except that I wish there were the option to turn off or at least slow down the tempo. It would be useful to have levels where students could take as long as they need to find notes. Also, perhaps the timing could be more forgiving to being slightly ahead or behind – I graduated from Juilliard and still scored a 81% on hot cross buns, presumably because my timing was not quite exact enough. Otherwise seems like a nice game that I’d love to be able to recommend.

  2. I appreciate your input on Princess Piano. Other people have mentioned the timing is a bit unforgiving, so I think you may a good point I am planning on relaxing the timing scoring on the next release.

    I had thought about giving a timing option for the levels, but I wasn’t able to figure out a very user friendly way to add it in without making the menu system overly confusing for young users. I will give this some thought though and see if I can incorporate into the next update.

    Thanks again for your input!

    • About the custom timing: Maybe something like a “Select timing: Slower, Faster” above the difficulty selection?

      And Christine, if you come back and see this, my guess is you were holding the notes longer than the game expects (which isn’t at all clear, frankly).

      • *Taps the Settings button*
        Er… never mind my comment about the tempo. And I just realized I said “timing” instead. I should be sleeping.

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