Unity3d Icons with Version Numbers

Unity3d Icons with Version Numbers

Dec 04

If you are anything like me, you have 4 or 5 different versions of Unity installed at one time. It’s nearly impossible to tell which one is which in the dock, without clicking into the app itself! That’s why I created a set of icons with the version number in it, so you can easily distinguish the different Unity versions in the dock. Download whichever one you need below:


(I also made Unity Windows Icons)

Changing Mac Icons

To change the icon of an application in OS X. First open the PNG of the icon you wish to insert in a the web browser. Right click and choose “copy image”. Next find the Unity Application whose icon you wish to change and right click on the application and choose “get info”. Click on the icon in the top-left corner and you should see the icon highlighted in blue, then paste the image (CMD-V). This should replace the icon with the one you selected. The actual dock icon may take a bit to refresh, I had to quit the app and relaunch it.


Click on icon from Get Info

Finished icons (don’t those look nice)


While making these icons I was driven to look for some Photoshop alternatives. I have an old version of Photoshop that isn’t 64-bit and is starting to feel it’s age. I have also always felt that Photoshop is a little bit ridiculously overpriced, so I was weary to have to upgrade to the latest version. After giving Gimp another shot, and realizing it is still clunky it still is, I also checked out some web-only versions that seemed limited.

Then I discovered Pixelmator! It is a mac only application that offers pretty much everything that Photoshop does, but for $15! It took a little getting used to, not everything works exactly the same way as Photoshop (as expected), but once I did it seemed to run quickly and I could see it being my new image editor. That was a bit of a tangent, but I always like to plug quality software, particularly when it’s reasonably priced. (I feel obliged to add, I wasn’t paid by Pixelmator or anything, this is a genuine endorsement)

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