Unity3d Animation Engines Compared

Unity3d Animation Engines Compared

May 25

I built a test bed with which to test the different animation engines performance on Unity3d. This time I have also taken into account memory usage, and I have allowed you to adjust the number of boxes that are animated.

Download the source and test for yourself!
(This can be particularly handy when testing on
different hardware)


As you can see in the video below the performance of LeanTween vs HOTween and iTween on an iPad2 is quite impressive.


  1. olivier

    That is truly amazing work,
    I had given up on Tweening engine because of performance issues,
    but I have regained my faith thanks to your amazing engine.
    Thank you very much.

    • Hey Olivier! I am so glad to hear, I had similar frustrations when I first started out (which is why I created my own engine), but I am glad that I can help others along the way 🙂

  2. eric

    Hi Russel,
    thanks for sharing LeanTween with us!
    Some small remarks: Your sourcecode says it’s version 1.0 in version 1.1.
    I had some error on tweens with an oncomplete funtction. In case the tweens are cancelled the oncomplete is still issued. Adding SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver to the BroadcastMessage call on lines 971 to 975 did the trick.


    • Thanks Eric, sorry I am bad about updated the version number I have been trying to get better at that :-/

      That is odd the onComplete is still firing. Is this after calling the LeanTween.cancel on the tween? It shouldn’t still fire that action after that is called… I have changed another part of the code that may have caused the issue. I am reluctant to set the option for DontRequireReceiver because I am worried it will cause more problems, where people are wondering why there function is not firing, and they are not getting any errors… but it is a good suggestion.

  3. eric

    Hi Russel,

    Eric again, found a type (i think) in the docs. Leantween. value (with GO) says

    time:float Float
    The time to complete the tween in

    time:Hashtable Hashtable
    The time to complete the tween in

    shouldn’t the last be the ‘optional’ hashtag?

    • Hey Eric!

      That is a good catch, it should have been optional like you said. So many typos, I should pay more attention next time I add things to the documentation 🙂

  4. Dmitriy

    Hi Russel,

    Can you show comparison with DoTwen?

    Thank You!

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