Unity 24 hour Asset sale – A Post-Mortem Review

Unity 24 hour Asset sale – A Post-Mortem Review

Dec 02

Before being featured as Unity’s 24 hour flash sale, I had modest expectations on how much of a difference it would make. Sure, I expected to get some more sales that day, possibly even a lot more. However I didn’t really expect the landslide of sales that came through that day (and this was on the day before Thanksgiving, a day when half of the U.S. population leaves work early).

Graph of that day’s hotness spike. It has definitely dropped since it was featured on the 25th, but sales have been pretty consistent. – Graph provided by UnityBuzz.com : a site that helps publishers track their Unity Assets

Better yet, the sales seem to be somewhat sticky. Before being featured I had about 8 downloads for my asset in total. Now I am averaging about 1 or 2 a day. Nothing to retire on but a marked improvement!


How to get Featured

I know a lot of people will want to know how I got featured to begin with. I honestly have no idea; they just reached out to me out of the blue. The asset they chose to feature, Lean Loader, was a project I had mostly pushed to the back burner, specifically because nobody showed much interest in it (although those who did download it seemed to give it positive reviews). My best guess is that because I have remained consistently devoted to keeping a number of high quality assets on the store, I may have been flagged as a developer due for being featured. However that is just pure speculation.

I have noticed that most 24-hour Asset Sale items are assets with multiple reviews with an average of 5 stars. So make sure to keep those customers happy!

If you would like to keep track of your own Assets, or to see what Assets and Companies are trending for that day, you can find this and more on UnityBuzz.com

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