LeanTween Editor Now “Auto-Generates” C# Code

LeanTween Editor Now “Auto-Generates” C# Code

Sep 04

The LeanTween Editor keeps improving. With the latest installment, I have added the ability for the visual editor to output actual c# code. So you now have the ability to use the animation “out of the box” as an attached sequence, or you can cut and paste the code to wherever you wish!

Auto-Generated C# code:


Other NEW Features:

Tween Color:


Delay/Repeat Groups of Tweens:

Other basic cleanup stuff was also included which should make the LeanTween Editor easier to support and upgrade in the future.

Features on the Near Horizon:
– 2d path support
– More path shapes in the Easy Path Creator
– Preset tween groups (like shake, or blink)
– and more…

Grab the latest version from the Asset Store.

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