LeanAudio Editor

LeanAudio Editor

Apr 01

The LeanAudio Editor is nearing completion, but it needs your help. I want to be able to launch with as many fun/interesting sound effects as possible.

The online editor is provided for free, allowing you to share your creations.

Help the LeanAudio package by seeing what sound effects you can come up with, and share your creations in the comments section or on Twitter with the hashtag #LeanAudio. It just may be included in the pre-made sound effects that will be available in the LeanAudio package!

Here are some samples I have made:

Notice the code generation, this allows you to dynamically create sound effects within the Unity Game Engine (as long as you have downloaded the latest LeanTween package).

LeanAudio is intended to make creating dynamic audio easy, I also hope to simplify other audio tasks much in the way LeanTween simplifies the task of animation.

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