Lean Loader, load from web or cache – Unity3d

Lean Loader, load from web or cache – Unity3d

Nov 12

Lean Loader is a new library I created for Unity3d to easily loading assets from either the web or from a cached backup. Great for times when the user is offline or just to speed up performance!

It does more than just cache the data, it simplifies the whole asset loading process.

– Load images, sound, and text data (XML etc)
– Minimal coding required
– Simplifies tasks such as posting data to a server.
– Set objects to cache and specify an expiration date.

Download from the Unity Asset Store: $10

Because PlayerPrefs is limited to 1mb of data on the Web Player, caching isn’t as useful on this platform.


  1. Maynard


    I have a question about Lean Loader. I have an app requirement for users to be able to load a graphic of their own into the UI of my app. I don’t have an issue if this image has to be accessible via the web, but I want them to be able to run the app and load their own images in to replace the default ones in use by the app.

    Can you let me know if this is the sort of thing that Lean Loader will allow.


    • Hey Maynard, Sorry for the super slow response! Yes Lean Loader will allow this exact scenario. If the images aren’t ever going to be updated, it might be best to just embed them into the game though…

  2. German Acevedo

    Will it work with Unity 5.2 to publish in WebGL format? I have tryed a script named Canvas but it only works when published for Unity Webplayer and I have been asked to publish as WebGl to avoid the needing of a plugin.

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